Crochet pattern: Dungarees

Amigurumi bunny with dungarees

I designed some cute dungarees for the amigurumi bunny. Do you want to crochet the bunny first? You can find the free pattern here!

Dungarees Front

What you need

– 3,5 hook (E/4)
– Yarn in a nice color, matching your amigurumi. I made mine in worsted weight acrylic
– 2 buttons (I got mine from Action)
– Needle and thread to attach the buttons
– Scissors

Dungarees Back


Make a chain of 35
Sl stitch in the first chainstitch you made to form a circle.

1. – 9. 34 sc around (34)
10. sc in first 17 sc, skip the next 17 sts
11. sc in every sc (17)
12. sl stitch around (17)

Cut the yarn and reattach it to work on the 17 skipped stitches next.

13 – 14. sc in every sc (17)
15. sl stitch around (17)


Chain 26 and work a row of 25 sc on top of it. Repeat for the second strap.

Attach the straps onto the dungarees and attach the buttons as well.

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Free crochet pattern Dungarees

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Do let me know when you tried this pattern!